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Kathrin Hendriksen, Wolfgang Büscher, Sebastian Hoppe, and Christoph Hoffmanns (2014)

Validation of an acoustic rumination sensor for dairy cows

In: Proceedings International Conference of Agricultural Engineering,

In the last sixty years different techniques were developed to measure the eating and rumi-nation activity of sheep, goats and cows (Balch, 1958; Hodgson, 1977; Chambers, Hodgson, Milne, 1981). Because of the correlation between feeding parameters and rumination activity there is still interest to develop a useful tool for the quantification of the rumination behaviour for on farm and scientific use. In the last 5 to 10 years two systems were devel-oped with interesting possibilities. One of these sensors, based on acoustic measurement, was validated in different works and is already commercial available for farmers. The aim of the study was to use this rumination sensor to attend a feeding trial concerning different urea supplements. Preliminary validation of the sensor was done comparing data provided by the sensor with data collected by direct observation. Direct observation was done at 19 cows. One 2-h-block was recorded for each of the 19 cows. The average rumination time per two hours was 43.9 +/- 18.6 min and 27.0 +/- 16.9 min if recorded by observer and rumination sensor, respectively. The correlation between direct observation and data collected by the system was r = 0.33. The correlation for the cows with an average daily rumination time over 500 min was r = 0.82 (p < 0.05). Due to the validation results the feeding trial could not be interpreted.